Data Entry

In accordance with development of information and technology, the rate of information management in increasing in different organization. Simply data entry means transcribing some data from one space or program to another location or program. This data may be hand written or typed information which have to save in a computer with a spreadsheet program. The concept of data entry has come from the beginning time of using computer. At present time by using internet ,exchange rate of data has increased a lot, with this multiple use of different types of data has increased by arranging or using them in different format or program. So, skilled data entry operators has a great demand. And the traditional typists are no more. This types of data entry work can be performed alone or with a team and it is limited to computer and general users of internet. So, anyone can do this types of tasks by using internet from home and earn a lot of foreign money.
Where You Will Get Data Entry Jobs:
Generally, data entry jobs can be found on some websites of freelance outsourcing marketplace. Those websites provides a lot of different kinds of data entry jobs. There are also a lot of fraud sites which offers a lot of data entry works by a fixed fee for registration. Don't register in this types of site, unless you are sure about the availability of lot of works. Registration on freelancing site which offers genuine works is fee.But there are some sites also, which demands some fee for special benefits. Every freelancing site has separate section for data entry tasks. This types of site has many data entry job project which value hundreds to thousands of dollars. This types of job can be done as work per hour or pay per project. In general an expert data entry operator gets about 5-15 dollars per hour. Some websites where data entry jobs are available are listed bellow.
  • oDesk
  • Freelancer
  • Elance
  • Scriptlance
  • Guru

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