Make Money From Google AdSense

Google adsense is a money making program by great Google. Google show some specific ads on a site related to site content and if any visitor click on those ads then the site owner get paid by Google. The amount of the click depends on the content, visitor territory etc. Every people can start making money by Google adsense who have at least one website or blog site and a fully approved adsense account. Before starting making money from Google adsense you have to know something about Google adsense. Because Google adsense is an asset. Don't loose it. You can get one account in your life. So use Google adsense very carefully and don't loose it.
It is very difficult to get approved by Google adsense. Some tips for approving Google adsense are described bellow.

  • Buy a domain name according to your targeted keyword and topic.
  • Custom domain is better than sub-domain.
  • If you don't have a custom domain then use sub-domain from blogger.
  • Write unique content.
  • Do some seo work.
  • When you get some visitor on your site then apply for adsense.
  • Wait for several times, Google will inform you about the approval of the application.

It is very difficult to keep adsense than getting approved. You can approve an adsense account easily. But if you missus it then your account will be disabled. So, very careful about using Google adsense. Some essential tips for google adsense are described bellow.

  • Read the Google adsense terms and condition very carefully.
  • Don't click on your own ads.
  • Don't promote your friends to click on your ads.
  • Don't use click bot software to click on ads of your site.
  • Don't use title like click here, our sponsors, support us etc for Google ads.
  • Never use more than three ads in a single page.
  • Don't use pop up windows.
  • Try to place the ads according to the content.
  • Don't use other advertising program like adsense. Such as adbrite.
  • Use one adsense account for your all sites.
  • Never try to change or edit the adsense ad code.
  • Always read the messages received from adsense support team.
  • Never use ad code in the content banned by google.

That's all about Google adsense. Follow the mentioned tips and tricks and make handsome money from google adsense.

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